How to use the GAAS MRA Mark

As a full member of the Global Alliance of Accreditation Societies, and a signatory to its Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), GAAS MRAASA is recognised by other GAAS members as providing an equivalent level of accreditation services enabling the certificates of its accredited bodies to be recognised globally. In recognition of this, ASA accredited certification bodies are entitled to use the GAAS MRA Mark to promote this global acceptance, provided they have signed an GAAS MRA License Agreement with ASA and only use the Mark in combination with the appropriate ASA accreditation symbol as a combined mark.

Accreditation reduces risk for business and its customers by assuring that accreditedCABs are competent to carry out the work they undertake within their scope ofaccreditation. ABs that are members of GAAS and the CABs they accredit are requiredto comply with appropriate international standards and the applicable GAAS applicationdocuments for the consistent application of those standards.ABs that are signatories to the GAAS Multilateral Recognition Arrangement (MRA) areevaluated regularly by an appointed team of peers to provide confidence in theoperation of their accreditation schemes. The structure and scope of the GAAS MRA isdetailed in GAAS PR 4 - Structure of GAAS MRA and Endorsed Normative Documents.

The GAAS MRA is structured in five levels: Level 1 specifies mandatory criteria thatapply to all ABs, ISO/IEC 17011. The combination of a Level 2 activity(ies) and thecorresponding Level 3 normative document(s) is called the main scope of the MRA,and the combination of Level 4 (if applicable) and Level 5 relevant normativedocuments is called a sub-scope of the MRA. The main scope of the MRA includes activities e.g. product certification andassociated mandatory documents e.g. ISO/IEC 17065. The attestations madeby CABs at the main scope level are considered to be equally reliable. The sub scope of the MRA includes conformity assessment requirements e.g.ISO 9001 and scheme specific requirements, where applicable, e.g. ISO TS22003.

The attestations made by CABs at the sub scope level are consideredto be equivalent.The GAAS MRA delivers the confidence needed for market acceptance of conformityassessment outcomes. An attestation issued, within the scope of the GAAS MRA, by abody that is accredited by an GAAS MRA signatory AB can be recognized worldwide,thereby facilitating international trade