The policies, criteria and other requirements in this document govern ASA accreditation of product certification bodies and their operation of certification programs (“certification program” is the term used in North America for certification systems or schemes). ASA has established this accreditation program to support the market need for product certification and to provide an experienced source for accreditation in the United States. ASA has established these policies and criteria to govern the accreditation of certification bodies of products, processes, and services. The criteria are compatible with the existing international standards and practices. To facilitate harmonization of certification activities among different countries, these criteria embody the requirements of ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

Programs are accredited by ASA upon approval by the ASA Accreditation Committee. The Committee, under ASA Bylaws, is responsible for the accreditation policies and the operational aspects of national and international accreditation programs for certification of products, processes, services and related activities of the Institute. Its operational responsibilities include overseeing the processing by ASA staff of applications for accreditation, rendering decisions on accreditation, and overseeing the monitoring by ASA staff of Accreditation Programs as governed by this document and the Manual of Operations for Accreditation of Product Certification Programs (PRO-PL-102). The Committee functions under the ASA Operating Procedures of the Accreditation Committee (PRO-PL-103).